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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Conditional Formatting based on Another Cell

You can use Conditional format based on another cell containing part of text or value.
a.      Conditional Format based on Value
If we want to highlight the lower or higher number, we can use the formula below.
Select Cells => Home=> Conditional Formatting => New Rule… =>
=> Format…=> select format you like => OK
If the column B with number and text and we want to highlight value number, we can use formula below:
Formula: ISNUMBER($B2)

b.      Conditional Format based on Text
The conditional formatting will apply only on text.
·         Select Cells => Home=> Conditional Formatting => New Rule… =>
Formula: ISTEXT($B2)
c.      Conditional Format based on Specific Text
If you want to highlight cells based on specific text, you need to use the formula below:
Formula: =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Yes",$B2))=TRUE

If you have any update or other found formula, please share or comment below.


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