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Friday, July 1, 2011

Roles and Responsibilities of the HCMC in Cambodia

Roles and Responsibilities of the HCMC in Cambodia defined by the Ministry of Health in Community Participation for Health Policy to:
  • Oversee and provide strategic guidance for overall management and development of HC services:
    • Participate in the quarterly review and implementation of the HC Annual Operational Plan (AoP) and ensure the link between the HC, the AoP and the Commune Investment Plan (CIP);
    • Set and periodically review user fee levels in consultation with the VHSG Leaders and the Commune Council; 
    • Facilitate the process of the identification mechanism for the poor to be exempted in accordance with the Ministry of Planning guidelines for identification of poor; 
    • Support HC in developing/setting-up effective transportation arrangements/mechanisms for referrals. 
  • Maintain linkages between the HC and communities through VHSG Leaders and other CP structures and facilitate inter-sectoral coordination to promote Community Participation in health and health-related areas:
    • Obtain and act upon comment/suggestions and complaints of community members/service users about the HC management and health service delivery and to identify appropriate solutions and opportunities for improvements; 
    • Ensure through the VHSG Leaders and other appropriate channels that important health information is given to the population especially at the times of disease outbreaks; 
    • Promote awareness of consumer and provider rights through the VHSG, coordinate health and health-related activities of all health volunteers in the community. 
  • Promote healthy behaviour and Community Participation in HC activities with the VHSG 
    • Assist in the organization of health campaigns for health activities and communicable disease prevention; 
    • Organize and support health service delivery as defined in the Scope of Work for the VHSG; 
    • Monitor the quality of services provided by the HC.
  • Strengthen an effective functioning of the HCMC and the VHSG 
    • Participate in defining the benefit package for the VHSG; 
    • Support the functioning of HCMC and VHSGs through resource identification and mobilization, and advocacy.

Roles and Responsibilities of VHSG in Cambodia

Roles and Responsibilities of VHSG in Cambodia were defined by the Ministry of Health in Community Participation for Health Policy in order to support implementation of community-based health activities. The VHSG Leader is the primary point of contact for all health activities in the villages. His/her main roles are to ensure the regular flow of information between the community and the Health Center (HC) and to coordinate the VSHG to implement the Scope of Work for the VHSG in their village. The elected VHSG Leader from each village in the Health Center catchment area is responsible for: 
  • Providing feedback from the community to the HC, and keeping the VHSG and the community informed about HC activities; 
  • Coordinating training activities for the VHSG to support HC activities in the community; 
  • Providing information about HC services and fees to the community; 
  • Reporting consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction to the HCMC regarding the quality of health care in HCs, access to HCs, user fee rates, etc.; 
  • Facilitating outreach activities with the VHSG Members, the HC and the community; 
  • Promoting client rights and good governance.
One VHSG member can per 10-50 households depending on community needs.

Health Center Management Committee (HCMC) in Cambodia

Health Center Management Committee (HCMC) in Cambodia consists of approximately 9-11 members including:
  • Chairperson: The Vice-Chief of the Commune Council (CC) in charge of social affairs including health, education, etc. In the case where a Health Center (HC) covers more than 1 Commune, the Chairperson of HCMC will be the Vice-Chief of the CC where the HC is located.
  • Vice-Chairperson: The Chief of the HC. In the case that the Chairperson of the HCMC is absent, the Vice Chairperson will become the acting Chairperson.
  • Other members:
    • 1 additional member from the CC, preferably the Focal Person for Woman and Children
    • 1 additional HC staff, preferably the HC midwife, who acts as the HCMC Secretary
    • 4-7 VHSG Leaders from the HC catchment area, ensuring that each Commune covered by HC is included and ensuring a gender balance.

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