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Friday, July 1, 2011

Health Center Management Committee (HCMC) in Cambodia

Health Center Management Committee (HCMC) in Cambodia consists of approximately 9-11 members including:
  • Chairperson: The Vice-Chief of the Commune Council (CC) in charge of social affairs including health, education, etc. In the case where a Health Center (HC) covers more than 1 Commune, the Chairperson of HCMC will be the Vice-Chief of the CC where the HC is located.
  • Vice-Chairperson: The Chief of the HC. In the case that the Chairperson of the HCMC is absent, the Vice Chairperson will become the acting Chairperson.
  • Other members:
    • 1 additional member from the CC, preferably the Focal Person for Woman and Children
    • 1 additional HC staff, preferably the HC midwife, who acts as the HCMC Secretary
    • 4-7 VHSG Leaders from the HC catchment area, ensuring that each Commune covered by HC is included and ensuring a gender balance.


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