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Monday, August 29, 2011

Active K-Pop Performance

An Active K-Pop performance organized by the Korean Red Cross during ICAAP10 at BEXCO, Busan, South Korea.

Sex, Drug, and Technology

“Technology brings opportunities” said Mr. Laurindo Garcia, a founder of B-Change Foundation, in his presentation at ICAAP10, Busan of South Korea on 29th August 2011. Technology needs critical mass in order to achieve significant impact. Therefore, an analysis and evaluation conducted for two months has received more responses from target population such as MSM, pregnant women, and so on. Based on the presentation of Ph.D Sin How Lim, National University of Singapore, there are many ways to sex seekers to find their partners. Of those, around 80.2% of young MSM used internet to communicate with their sex partners following by around 6% with friends and 5.3% at gay sauna.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Protest on FTA at ICAAP10-27 August 2011

The protest starts from here

The protest on Free Trade Agreement

The protest against Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Rows of Security Guards to curb protesters

Protesters hit by security guards

Protesters were caught by Security Police

FTA is the Concern of PLHIV

Free Trade Agreement between European Union and India is the concern of PLHIV in the developing world. This is the protest during the ICAAP10 in Busan, South Korea

Life is not for Sale

Non-Violent Protest on Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Protesters in strike with police

Protesters are caught

Protesters hit by police

The protest remains continued during the international conference

Activists, medicals, researchers and other participants in an international forum on AIDS here called for more concerted global efforts to combat the epidemic and end prejudice and the stigma surrounding it. The 10th International Conference on AIDS in Asia Pacific (ICAAP10) is holding in Busan, South Korea with around 2,500 people from 64 countries joining this biennial gathering in the theme “Diverse Voice, United Action”. During the events on 27th August 2011, there is an action raising and concerning on Free Trade Agreement (FTA) which the protestors called “Life is not for Sale”. A group of activists matching during the opening session and continuing to the booths hall are strongly protesting for omitting the FTA. Some of them are caught by police. There has no immediate solution for this action yet.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Consultative Meeting on Universal Access Indicators 2013-2015

National AIDS Authority (NAA) in cooperation with HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee (HACC) organized the National Consultative Meeting to Set Universal Access Targets and Indicators in 2013-2015 on 19th August 2011 at Ochhe Teal Hotel, Preah Sihanouk province. The objectives of the workshop are to review toward the achievement of the Universal Access indicator 2010 and to set Universal Access targets and Indicators in 2013-2015. The meeting was presided over by H.E. Dr Nuth Sokhom, Senior Minister and Chair of the NAA, and around 50 participants were invited from UN agencies, relevant Ministries, NGOs, members of HACC, network organizations, Provincial AIDS Secretariat (PAS), and Provincial AIDS Committee (PAC).

Mr. Tim Vora, Executive Director of HACC, delivered his impression during the meeting. He told that it is an opportunity to involve relevant government institution, UN agencies, and CSOs to review toward the achievement of Universal Access Indicators 2011, particularly to set the UA indicators and target 2013-2015. It is a chance to understand of measurement through developed the M&E guideline, he added.

H.E. Dr Nuth Sokhom, Senior Minister and Chair of the NAA, delivered a speech and opened remark. He stated that we are worried about the second wave in the vulnerable group. He expressed his great thanks for the effort of involvement from all stakeholders and CSOs in reviewing the UA indicators and setting new UA indicators 2013-2015 amid the national strategic plan III. Furthermore, he mentioned that while the prevalence has fallen down steadily, the budget support for HIV/AIDS also decreased especially the support from the Global Fund.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Magnetic Bracelet in Cambodia

Uptrend2u™ 4 in 1 Magnetic Bracelet may help to:

Bio-element 1: Magnetic materials
Magnetic fields affect the human body physiologically. Magnetic materials are believed to improve blood circulation, energy levels and the nervous system.
Bio-element 2: Germanium
Similar to magnetic materials, germanium
stabilizes the bio-magnetic field of the body, improves blood oxygen level, reduces fatigue and keeps you energized.
Bio-element 3: Negative ions
Negative ions are a form of bio energy known as the ‘Incarnation of the Earth’. They are effective against certain discomforts including migraine, headaches, insomnia and stress. Negative ions also help to
enhance the body’s detoxification process.
Bio-element 4: Far infrared rays (FIR)
FIR is another form of important bio-energy emitted by nature which is invisible to the naked eye. Scientists have proven that FIR may help to
promote the growth of living cells and balances the body’s meridian system for longevity.

How can it help?:
  1. Remote muscle relaxation 
  2. Relieve joint and muscle pain 
  3. Relieve shoulder pain 
  4. Relieve back ache, headaches and neck ache 
  5. Relieve insomnia 
  6. Relieve jet lag 
  7. Relieve fatigue 
  8. Restore energy 
  9. Improve blood circulation 
  10. Enhance the body’s detoxification process
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