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Friday, June 17, 2011

CSOs Constraining of HIV/AIDS Laws and Policy Implementation

Cambodia’s own extraordinary achievements were recognized at the United Nations Millennium Development Goal Summit in September 2010 in halting and reversing HIV with the presentation to the Royal Government of a well deserved Millennium Development Goal Award. However, the government institutions and the civil society organizations are still worried about the second wave of HIV epidemic through Men Who have Sex with Men (MSM), Entertaining Workers (EWs), Drug Users/Injecting Drug Users (IDU/DU), Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC), and Most-at-Risk Population (MARPs). With these concerns, NGOs are trying to mobilize the resources and to do fundraising for program implementation, particularly in the grassroots level.

Result from the forum discussion organized HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee (HACC) with the present of National AIDS Authority (NAA) in Siem Reap province; it was found that there were some challenges facing the community involving with government’s policy and laws. There are laws, a policy, and Prakas for implementing the prevention of HIV and AIDS which were seemingly controversial:
  1. Law on the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS
  2. Law on Drug Control
  3. Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation
  4. Prakas 66 of the Government on 100% Condom Use Program (100% CUP)
  5. Village/Commune Safety Policy
There should be more dissemination, explanation, and education from interrelated ministries, provincial departments, provincial AIDS Committee, NAA, HACC, NGOs, commander in chief in chief, and court in order to clarify and respond to implementing actors and people’s concerns.


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