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Friday, June 24, 2011

Community Mapping for Remote Areas​ in Cambodia

In the age of globalization and development in the country, Cambodia has hastily been improving various sectors through the frog-step development of the government. Within the public health service, it remains insufficient, especially for the poor. The utilization rate in most public health facilities is low because facilities are poorly equipped, far-away health centers, lack of drugs, low quality of services, and inhospitable service providers mainly in the remote villages of provinces. Among those pity villages, Lac 62 village in Kam Rieng District, Battambang province, has faced some of these difficulties such as long distant road to the health center, more frequencies of visiting health center, and lack of transportation. Due to the far-way distant from the village, information and communication between community and health center becomes feeble. Pregnant women or ill people are hard to reach the health center in case of emergency. Village Help Support Group (VHSG) is inactive mostly and mumbles because of their family income. Some of them decided to migrate to other provinces or across the border to Thailand for earning their living. In this response, relevant government institutions should establish staying rooms nearby health centers to keep patients or pregnant women from returning home without receiving the health services. Development partners and relevant organizations should support the incentive or other motivation to VHSG for referring patients and participating in any meetings with health centers.


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