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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lymphoma in Cambodia

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cambodia Boosted Linked Response SOP

PHNOM PENH: Ministry of Health approved the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Boosted Linked Response in April 2013. The Boosted Linked Response approached is updated from the Linked Response 2007 aiming at increase PMTCT service uptake, reduce loss to follow up and death amongst HIV-infected mothers and their HIV-exposed infants, and improving quality of services and clinical outcomes among mother and infants. 

Cambodia Boosted Linked Response SOP was approved by Ministry of Health in April 2013.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Radio Drama in Cambodia

  1. បងប្រុស Bong Bros
  2. ចិត្តកូនប្រុស Chet koun pros
  3. មិត្តបី Mit 3
  4. ពេលកូនភ្ញាក់ខ្លួន When I realized
  5. ស្នាមអនុស្សាវរីយ៏ Snam Anok Saviry
  6. ស្នាមសាក់រូបខ្លា Snam sak roob khla
  7. សុបិន្តនិស្ស័យ​ Sobin Nysai
  8. Wrong to Guesthouse

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