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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

4 Keys to Be Prime Minister

4 Keys to Be Prime Minister
More than 30 years, it was found that Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen, known as strong man or iron fist, used the strategy from the Three Kingdom -a Chinese historical movie, and a strategy of 4 Keys to be Prime Minister, to lead the country. The strategy is a two-face weapon. First, if you use for a good way, it will give a good result. However, second, if you use it for bad, it will give you the bad result. Below is the summary of Four keys strategy.

4 Keys to Be Prime Minister
  1. People
  2. Finance
  3. Armed Force
  4. Information

  1. People
Since the start in 1993, Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen tried to do everything good in order to attract people's heart and belief for his next round of election.


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