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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gender Issues Remain Existed in Cambodia

Mr. Tes Ty, 49, a villager of Ptash Srey village in Pursat province, told that he and his wife always had quarreled together when he came from work. Because of his limited understanding of his wife’s work, he said; he always complained that he is only a person who earns money for family. He had never realized that his wife’s housework is also important in family. Both often argue when there is no enough food to feed children or themselves. Mr Ty was educated and warned by village chief many times to stop beating wife, and also one organization had ever sent a counselor to educate his family, but his actions were still remaining. However, after watching educational video drama and listening to the Road of Law programs which broadcasted by a moderator of the club, he changed his bad behavior to stop fighting with his wife anymore, he clarified. He became aware of his wife work and hoped to have happiness in his family, he added. From now, he promised to get quarrel with his wife anymore. At the end, he suggested WMC to continue broadcasting informative video and radio programs for villagers in his communities.


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