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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Violence Against Women in Cambodia

Mr. Svay Sarun, 37, a farmer living in Ptash Srey village, had experienced to fight with his wife in the case of domestic violence. He has three children. Mr. Sarun said that everyday he had quarreled together with his wife, especially when he came from work and his wife didn’t cook a food for him. When the domestic violence occurred, local authorities like village chief and commune council always warned and educated this family about the law, but no use because they didn’t what the law is; they cared only what they have for eating today. Unable to endeavor with this family situation, Mr. Sarun decided to leave his wife for a year to earn money. However, the problem in their family coherently occurred. Village chief neglected this family because they did not learn the advice and warning education. Fortunately, Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC) uses the new initiative approach to reach the remote villages by establishing Listeners’ and Viewers’ Clubs. Ptash Srey is one of ten villages in Pursat province to have a club operation. Mr. Sarun said after watching the education entitled “Deurm Kro Sang” and series of the informative radio programs, he thinks he made many mistakes with his wife in family. He added that beating the wife has no any profit for his family; in contrast, his children couldn’t study well because of domestic violence in family. At last, he told that from now on, he will help his wife work and improve the living standard in this family and he also would like to thank WMC for bringing educational video and radio programs to his village. These videos have influenced his life a lot to change his bad behavior.


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