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Thursday, November 5, 2015

[Solved] How To Remove iStartSurf from Startup Website

iStartSurf is a web browser hijacker, which is promoted via other free downloads, free software, and once installed it will change your browser homepage at startup page to and default search engine to or

There are few steps to solve this problem:

Step 1 : Uninstall iStartSurf malicious programs from your computer, especially the software you've just installed.

Step 2: Remove virus from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome
Uninstall from Firefox
Firefox Homepage and default search
1 - Open Firefox explore.
2 - Click "Open Menu" on the right-top and click “Options” open “Options” panel.
3 - Click “General” tab.
4 - Delete istartsurf homepage link and set a new homepage link. Or click "Restore to Default".
5 - Click "OK".
6 - Choose “Manage Search Engines” in the search list.
7 - Choose "istartsurf" and click "Remove",then click “OK”.
8 - Restart Firefox explore.

9 - Type: about:config  on address bar and click on I'll be careful, I promise 

and then type: istartsurf  on the search and delete it.
10 - Reset Firefox
  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Press simultaneously Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Disable the iStartsurf add on
  • Go to Help (1)
  • Then Troubleshoot information (2)
  • Click on Reset Firefox (3)
Uninstall from IE
IE Homepage and default search
1 - Open IE Explore.
2 - Click “Tools->Internet Options”,Open “Internet Options” panel.
3 - Click “General” tab.
4 - Delete istartsurf homepage link and set a new homepage link,or click "Use blank".
5 - Click “Settings” button in the “Search” area,open “Manage Add-ons” panel.
6 - Choose istartsurf and click "Remove",then close “Manage Add-ons” panel.
7 - Click “Apply” or “OK” on “Internet Opens” panel to save the changes.
Uninstall from Chrome
Chrome Homepage and default search
1 - Open Chrome explore.
2 - Press 
Alt+F or Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” in the right-top of the page and click "Setting".
3 - Click “Set of pages” link of "On startup" ->delete istartsurf homepage link ->click “OK”.

4 - Click "Change" link of "Apperance" ->delete istartsurf homepage link ->click "OK".

5 - Click “Manage search engines”->delete istartsurf,then click “OK”.
6 - Restart Chrome explore. If it's still existing, please see advance solution for google chrome below.
Restart your computer after completing all the above steps.
If above solution is not work, try another advance

Advance solution for removing IstartSurf

Step 3: Remove in Regedit
  1. Press Windows Logo + R  and type: Regedit  and click OK
  2. Press Ctrl + F to find "istartsurf" . Right Click on the link and Delete one by one
  3. Press F3 again and again to find more and delete them all when you see them until it shows message below: Finished Searching
  4. Close all browsers and open it again. It's working well. If still not working, restart your computer.
Step 4: Remove in Installed IstartSurf from your computer folder

1. Press Windows Logo + R  and type:  appdata and click OK

2. Go to - C:\users\(your user name)\Appdata\Roaming 
3. You will find "istartsurf" folder in Roaming folder. Delete it. 
4. Delete your browser shortcut and create a new one. 
5. Now, istartsurf is not appear anymore.

Step 5: Right Click on Google Chrome or FireFox icon on Desktop and go to Property and change it target.

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