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Monday, May 4, 2015

Corruption and Cambodia's Governance System

Cambodia has been scored as the worst country in term of corruption amongst ASEAN countries as well as in the world. Although, Cambodia government is trying their utmost to fight corruption through one window services (ombudsman), corruption is finding different way to go. Score: 100 is good, but Cambodia has been scored max 50 in each pillar.

The study focuses on 13 core governance institutions (or pillars), considered essential for upholding a strong system of integrity: the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Public Sector, Law Enforcement Agencies, National Election Committee, Ombudsman, National Audit Authority, Political Parties, Media, Civil Society and Business. Alterations have been made to the international research framework regarding the Ombudsman pillar; sub-national complaints receiving mechanisms have been assessed because Cambodia does not have a national level ombudsman.

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