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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Protect Ourselves, Care the World


HIV and AIDS were known as an incurable disease which became the most popular actor around the world against human being. Not only you, but also your relatives, your family, your friends, and your society will be affected, if you don’t recognize it as the strongest disease of the world. You can’t even touch it, see it, nor task it. In contrast, it can touch you easily whenever you ignore it or forget about it. After it touches you, you cannot take it away from yourself for the whole life and you will stay with it until the end of your life. It’s not the nasty disease, it’s very gentle to come in your body, and it’s gentle to kill the bodyguards in your body one by one until you became unwittingly dead. It’s not the final destination of your life; it’s what you have to protect yourself from transmission widely.

In the setting of a concentrated epidemic, the main focus for youth interventions is recently targeted toward most at risk people (MARP), Orphan Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), Injecting Drug User/Drug Users (IDU/DU), and Entertaining Workers (EW), which were defined as those who are practicing high risk behaviour. Why those become the target of HIV and AIDS? It’s because those young people did not recognize the strength of HIV and AIDS nor how it affects the body. Furthermore, they may get unclear information about the HIV and AIDS. Be sure, HIV and AIDS still exist in the world and are not far from us. So, protect ourselves to care the world from HIV and AIDS.


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